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We have become reliable ODM supplier for brand customer at home and abroad

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  For ‘ODM’ , we try to become the best supplier for famous brands. after years of experience of manufacturing in ‘OEM’  at the beginning, we set up designing dept. and sample making center. we desire to be the ‘ODM’ suppler with ability of high level in designing for production base at home and abroad. The layout is to propose materials first and styles made with these materials followed. in order to do this, we set up Seoul office and Shanghai materials developing and buying center.
       We have built the system of layout for materials and styles and we have established close win-win business relations in ‘ODM’ with brands ‘ONLY’, ‘EXR’, ‘BEAR TWO’, ‘CHEROKEE’. we will try our best to improve and upgrade persistently. we hope to receive favor and get idea from more brand customers.

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